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Company Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc.
Key people Dr. Alex M. Clark
Dr. Steven Muskal
Dr. Maurizio Bronzetti
Science Chemistry
Website http://molmatinf.com

Yield101 is a companion to Reaction101 that provides features that are useful for synthetic chemists at the lab bench. It is the second app build from the ground up as a collaboration between Molecular Materials Informatics and Eidogen-Sertanty. Yield101 is built from the same components as is the Mobile Molecular DataSheet, and integrates with serverside functionality from Mobile Reagents.


[edit] Technical Details


  • Import new reaction yield-schemes from your Reaction101 personal collection, to use as a starting point.
  • Enter known quantity information (mass, volume, moles) and conversion properties (density, concentration). Interdependent quantities will be calculated automatically, e.g. mass to moles via molecular weight, mass to volume via density, etc.
  • Automatically calculate minimum quantities for secondary reactants, and yields for products, via stoichiometry.
  • Automatically calculate the process mass intensity (PMI) for the overall reaction, in order to help optimise a reaction's "greenness".
  • Select solvents from a built in list, which include structure and density.
  • Store personal yield schemes on a cloud-based server, provided by technology from Eidogen-Sertanty, for later recall.
  • Reaction component structures are automatically checked against the Mobile Reagents collection, to provide information about the commercial availability of reactants and products.
  • Exchange yield data and graphics by email attachments. Opening reaction attachments, or downloading reactions from the internet, will open the reaction for editing using Yield101.
  • Prepare a PDF file with the yield scheme arranged in a print-ready layout, to view, email or print.

[edit] Gallery

Yld101snap1.png Yld101snap2.png Yld101snap3.png Yld101snap4.png Yld101snap5.png

[edit] Yield101 on the iPad

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[edit] Yield101 on the iPhone

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[edit] Platforms

Yield101 is an iOS app which runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. It is available on the iTunes AppStore.

[edit] Licensing & Availability

Yield101 is commercial software, albeit inexpensive.

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