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Company Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc. and Eidogen-Sertanty
Key people Dr. Alex M. Clark
Dr. Steven Muskal
Dr. Maurizio Bronzetti
Science Chemistry

Reaction101 is an app build around the chemical reaction editor from the Mobile Molecular DataSheet, and integrated with serverside functionality from Mobile Reagents.


[edit] Technical Details


  • Edit reactions consisting of reactants, products and reagents, which are defined by structure, name and stoichiometry.
  • Draw presentation-quality structure diagrams using the powerful structure editor from the [Mobile Molecular DataSheet], by Molecular Materials Informatics.
  • Balance reactions by cancelling out the leftover atoms, or use the automatic balancing tool.
  • Store personal reactions on a cloud-based server, provided by technology from Eidogen-Sertanty, for later recall.
  • Perform searches within the Mobile Reagents data collection, searching by structure (substructure/similarity), name or molecular formula.
  • Access a collection of common named reactions, which can be used as templates, or as an online reference.
  • Prepare graphical diagrams and use them with other apps via the clipboard, or export them.
  • Exchange reaction data and graphics by email attachments. Opening reaction attachments, or downloading reactions from the internet, will open the reaction for editing using Reaction101.

[edit] Gallery

Rxn101snap1.png Rxn101snap2.png Rxn101snap3.png Rxn101snap4.png Rxn101snap5.png

[edit] Platforms

Reaction101 is an iOS app which runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. It is available on the iTunes AppStore.

[edit] Licensing & Availability

Reaction101 is commercial software, albeit inexpensive.

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