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[edit] The Vision for the SciMobileApps Wiki

Mobile apps for science are expanding in scope and capability very quickly, yet there is no easy way to source information regarding what is available, what the community thinks of these apps (in terms of general reviews) and clustering of these apps into functional groupings. That is the intention of this wiki. It is a community resource for developers and users to share information about the various science apps that are available. We encourage you to participate by adding your comments and adding new pages!

[edit] The Hosts of SciMobileApps

SciMobileApps is hosted for the community by two scientists interested in how Mobile Apps can contribute to the worlds of chemistry and Drug Discovery.

Antony Williams is a part of the online social network as ChemConnector Wikipedia Twitter Blog LinkedIn Antony Williams contact page

Sean Ekins is a part of the online social network as CollabChem Wikipedia Twitter Blog LinkedIn Sean Ekins contact page

Follow SciMobileApps on Twitter here

If you liked this wiki please see our wiki on scientific databases

[edit] Categories

We initially segregated the apps into Biology, Chemistry and Physics and will continue to expand as new contributions are added. We are interested in scientists who want to add to the pages any "science" related topics or Apps.

[edit] Adding Data

We welcome the addition of new articles about your Scientific Apps. In order to be able to add to the Wiki please register here. A template has been created for you to use as the basis of each SciMobileApps article. Hopefully you are familiar enough with MediaWiki to create your own page. Once the page has been created then simply copy the text contained within the template into the page and edit as appropriate. The template is available by clicking on the word template in this sentence.

[edit] Publications and Presentations

There are an increasing number of publications and presentations available that might be of value to you in keeping track of this area of development. We will continue to update this Publications and Presentations page. Feel free to add links as appropriate.

[edit] What Apps are Missing?

Please let us know what Apps are needed (or that you would like to see) in each of the following categories and why.










Reference Management

Scientific collaboration tools


Mobile Developers Tools

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