Green Solvents

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Green Solvents
GreenSolv AppIcon 512.png
Company Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc.
Key people Dr. Alex M. Clark
Science Chemistry

Green Solvents is a mobile app which provides a list of solvents, and data relating to their properties, links to Chemspider and Mobile Reagents. It will shortly be available for Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad).

Green Solvents is developed by Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc., founded by Dr. Alex M. Clark and headquartered in Montréal, Canada. The Idea for this App came from discussions with Sean Ekins and Antony J. Williams and uses data from the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Solvent Selection Guide [1]


Technical Details

Solvent structures page It's about as simple as an app can get!! Tap a solvent and more details appear on the "solvent scores page".

Example of solvents on screen

Solvent Scores page Criteria covered include Safety, Health, Air, Water and Waste Each criteria has a seperate box that is color coded (red = bad - green = good) and numbered (1 = good, 10 is bad) Tap somewhere else on the screen, it dismisses the detail view. The ChemSpider & MORE icons can be tapped to jump to the ChemSpider website/launch the Mobile Reagents app, respectively. Solvent class, and CAS numbers are provided for each solvent

Example of solvent scores


The Green Solvents App is available for all Apple iOS devices: iPhone/iPod, iPad.

Licensing & Availability

Green Solvents is available for free. The Apple mobile version for iPhone and iPad is distributed via the iTunes AppStore.

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