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ChemMobi is a mobile app which provides access to chemical structures, chemical properties, supplier information and safety data via web services.

ChemMobi is developed by Accelrys (formerly Symyx,


[edit] Technical Details

ChemMobi is a tool for Chemists, Biochemists and anyone else interested in chemical structures, chemical sourcing, chemical properties and safety information.

By using webservices provided by Symyx DiscoveryGate and ChemSpider Search, ChemMobi allows the user to search for a Chemical Name or ID (CAS Numbers, MDL Numbers etc) and retrieve data including the chemical structure and associated data if the name searched is available.

ChemMobi has access to in excess of 30 million chemical structures.

[edit] Platforms

The Symyx ChemMobi application is currently available for iPhone/iPad running 4.1 or later.

[edit] Licensing & Availability

ChemMobi is free software, and is available for free. The iPhone/iPad version is distributed via Apple AppStore (

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